Tuesday, January 17, 2012

snow day

an opportunity for me to clean the house...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Minor Set-Backs

So, after 10 weeks on WW, I had lost 18 pounds!!! Soooooo close to that 20 lb mark... And then... Christmas. And New Years. Cookies. And Champagne. And CHOCOLATE (don't forget the chocolate!)
But it turned out to not be as bad as I thought. Less than 2 lbs were gained, and while that is a minor set-back, I am back on track this week.
Of course it helps to be motivated, and to be motivated, you have to have a positive attitude. For me, positive thinking needs to be linked to something good, and I am happy to report that a very GOOD thing has happened! I am now a part-time Para-educator at the school districts special needs preschool! I am training to use the STAR program to work with three students with autism that are in the afternoon classes. This is a terrific opportunity for me as, of all the kids, I am most intrigued by those affected by autism. I have witnessed the progress of some of the kids who were students of this program last year, and it is absolutely one of the most gratifying experiences.
All of this has brought me back to my commitment to lose weight. And this year, I plan to add a little exercise into the mix, tone up those core muscles.
Looking forward to a very happy and healthy new year!