Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I started this blog to sort of accompany my Etsy shop, also called Fun Frieda. There's a link over there on the sidebar - but it won't work right now as I'm "on vacation." and it works just fine now!
It's probably pretty obvious that I'm taking my time getting into this blog - there are various reasons, which I won't go into because they start sounding more like excuses than explanations. And really, blogs should not indulge in either. That said, I will probably at some time indulge in both, it's inevitable.
But I digress - the point here and now is to introduce myself and (hopefully) launch this blog properly into the blogosphere.
My name is Becky, and I currently enjoy working with paper, which is not to say that I won't eventually start working with fabric... I am also quite enamoured of wool felt.
In my Etsy shop I sell journals that I have covered with imported art or gift wrap paper, as well as gift tags that I design and assemble. I'll talk about the tags more in a future post.
The journals are purchased already in their book form. I have been getting them at a large book retailer and they are the best-made-least-expensive journals and sketchbooks that I can find but they are not always available, making them an unreliable source of supplies. Indeed, the small journal is no longer an option for me as the manufacturer for some reason decided to start making them with lines printed only on one side of a page. For me, this is a manufacturing defect, and I can't bring myself to offer them for sale - even with a pretty new cover - in my shop. See? Excuses. Explanations.
Even so, I am enjoying my Etsy adventure immensely!
Naturally, I've kept a nice big sketchbook for myself. And naturally, like the shoemaker's unshod children, my sketchbook has been similarly bare. Until last week! Because lordy! despite (or maybe because of...) all the pretty papers I have  It has been nearly impossible to decide which one I want gracing my sketchbook.

I finally settled on a really charming grey paper block-printed with sweet little pink flowers. I am a total sucker for little hearts and flowers and I only had enough left to cover two small journals, or one large one. Sorry, folks.

Anybody have a bottle of champagne?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Studio Tours 2009

For the past 8 years now, some of Tacoma's arists have opened their studios to the public for tours and sometimes workshops as well. If you live in the South Puget sound area, the tours are this weeked; Saturday, November 7 and Sunday, November 8.
Not all studios are open both days, so check the schedule to find out who is open when.
Studio Tours 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hi! And welcome to my blog!

I'm currently working on this site, but please check back again soon.

Thanks for stopping by