Thursday, February 2, 2012

Link Love

Appropriate, no? This being the month of Valentine's and all.

Ever since I started working at the Preschool, I am hyper-aware of all things Preschool-y. I recently joined - er excuse me; was invited to join - Pinterest which has provided me with an excellent way to organize and keep track of all of the amazing ideas that are popping up all over the internet. (They were probably always there. It's just this new awareness of mine, I'm sure...) One blogger in particular, LiEr of "Ikat Bag," is charming the dickens out of me with her incredible style and creativity. She's a sewer seamstress, but also posts truly inspiring paper and cardboard crafts that are perfect for the Preschool-set. I would love to post pictures of some of her stuff that is blowing my mind right now, but I need to ask permission before I post any, so I will instead provide links and you can scoot on over to see for yourself why I am so gushy about her.

felt sugar cookies activity (OH how I love working with felt!)
home made "Happy Families" card game (based on the old one, apparently no longer being made)
home-made (custom-made) board game "Bak To School"
home-made stationery sets (using all the unused stickers from her surplus of coloring books... )

Miss LiEr is truly a talented mama, don't you think? I will most definitely be visiting her more often.