Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Not even going to discuss how long it's been...

     There is only one week left until school/work starts and I am scurrying to get projects done. The first six weeks of summer were spent desk-bound due to my lack of foresight in enrolling in 3 online classes (Never. Again.) towards a special ed endorsement. Then there was a week and a half spent with family vacationing in Florida (and here for 4 nights!). Finally back home to a lawn badly in need of weeding and watering and a dog exhausted from spending 10 days at the local "pet lodge" : (
     All of the things I had planned to do during my summer off got crammed into the remaining 4 weeks. The neglected yard was first in line; many broad leaved weeds were extracted from the front and back lawns (with the assistance of my recently TEEN-AGED son *sigh*).
The next project that I had been itching to complete was an office chair makeover. Last year I was allowed to claim two old, ugly office chairs from work as my own. They were (as stated) ugly, no one wanted them in their offices and they kept getting shuttled from one over-crowded storage area to the next. So I took them.
To prove that they were ugly, I submit this for your consideration
Exhibit a: "before"
     My plan was to make a cute chair to go in the Mom Cave for crafting and computering. I decided to have it powder coated after seeing the amazing transformation of two old institution style bed frames we inherited (sorry, no pictures have yet been taken of those...) so the chair and I made a little trip to Forever Powder Coating in Tumwater, WA. I can not recommend these guys highly enough - they are just amazing. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of colors and finishes to choose from. I chose a bright, orangey, poppy color for the frame, and found a coordinating fabric (on sale!) at JoAnne's.
Here is the finished product
Exhibit a: "after"

     I absolutely love it. In fact I am seated upon it right this minute! You may notice that the legs are bare (see the holes?) The caps that were on there were that hideous office beige colored plastic, and one broke as the guys were removing it. I opted for no caps and am fine with how it looks, however I think I could find replacements on line if I so desire in the future.
     The next project is an old, cheap 70's dresser that I want to paint. 

I really love the octopus dresser from Brooklyn Limestone, but am not a hundred percent sure that I want to do that design on this dresser. Anyone have any suggestions?