Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wate Wotchers

Some how or other, I've picked up a few more pounds than I really want or need. So yesterday, I signed up for an online program to help me lose the extra weight. Not something I would normally enter into, but a friend was using it last summer, and when I saw her after she had been on the program for two months, I could tell she had lost weight! My current short-term goal is to just lose 10 pounds. But I'd eventually like to lose an additional 35...
My biggest hangup is snacking. Don't need to be hungry, just bored, or angry or...
Poking around the site, I was very happy to find a number of really tasty sounding recipes, this is definitely NOT your grandma's "WW."
Next week I will prepare for my family; Chicken Picata (the recipe calls for veal, but I don't eat that so I'll sub boneless, skinless chicken breasts) and maybe try the Coconut Millet...

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