Monday, October 31, 2011

week 2 and week 3

Week 2 saw a loss of another 2 lbs! And the Chicken piccata was delicious. Week three I lost another 3 - I have lost a total of 8.6 pounds! Snacking is sometimes still an issue. I think it has just become a habit - the trick is finding plan-friendly snack options. I am allowed unlimited fruits and vegetables, but I sometimes want something more substantial, so I am using the sites online "recipe builder" to develop diet friendly soups. I made a lean Lima bean soup last week, and found that a quarter cup of that with a tablespoon of fat-free plain yogurt a a chopped up Roma tomato made a VERY satisfying nosh, that didn't waste any calories (points.) So far I am happy. And not feeling deprived in the least. And NEVER hungry, unless it's mealtime.
Last Friday was my birthday and I used the recipe builder to find out the points for Magnolia Bakery's Vanilla/Vanilla cupcakes. One frosted cupcake is nearly half of a day's points - but careful management and food choices allowed me to have one on my birthday and another one on Saturday. I only ate half of one on Sunday, but Ohhhhhh, they are yummy!

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